Slide-Pedal-Charge Basketball Drill to Improve Defensive Change of Direction

🏀 The purpose of this drill is to build strength and speed in your defensive change of direction.
🔑 The key to this drill is to stay low and remain in your stance throughout the drill.
📈 This drill is for beginners to pros! Advance this drill by going for time or speed!
The Slide Pedal Charge drill is a great drill for defensive footwork at all ages. In this drill you’ll work on all facets of defense, including sliding laterally left to right, sprinting front and back, and lastly, establishing your stance and taking a charge. At the beginner level, this drill teaches young athletes the proper footwork and stance in order to develop sound defensive habits. This is a very important aspect of a young athlete’s game to establish early on. On an intermediate and advanced level, this drill can be progressed with speed to increase difficulty, longer run times to work on conditioning, and faster movements to develop and improve footwork.

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