Pro Defending Tips | NBA PRO Mark Strickland

🏀 Mark shows us how he controlled the offensive players by using his wrist when defending them. He demonstrates how he would close out opponents by using his wrist to ensure that he was controlling the offensive players’ movement. He shows how to avoid a foul by making sure you don’t extend your forearm or grab the offensive player. Another tip Mark shares while is that he would keep his head on the offensive player’s torso and not the ball. This would allow him to stay in front of the offensive player. Otherwise, if you are defending someone who is crafty with the basketball, you could lose sight of what your objective is in defense. Keeping your head on the players torso will allow you to be more effective on the defensive end and become a defensive machine!
📈 This tip was brought to you exclusively from former Miami Heat Forward, Mark Strickland. Tag @SportsEdTV_basketball and show us how you add this tip to your practice.
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