Swiss Basketball 2K20 Tournament

☝️ QF1 at 18:10
➡️ Jeremy Landenbergue (Pully Lausanne Foxes) vs Travis Landenbergue (Basket-Club Boncourt)

✌️ QF2 at 18:30
➡️ Branislav Kostic (Starwings Basket Regio Basel) vs Yelena Luap (BC Winterthur)

☝️ QF3 at 18:50
➡️ Chad Timberlake (BBC Monthey-Chablais) vs Patrik Kovac (Tigers Lugano Basket)

✌️ QF4 at 19:10
➡️ Charlotte Kohler (BC Alte Kanti Aarau) vs Emma Chardon (Genève Elite Basket)

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